Patient Testimonials

  • My experience here at EIM physical therapy is excellent as far as the customer service and the therapists that I worked with.  My neck and back pain reduced significantly I did meet all my goals. I do recommend EIM Physical therapy to anyone as they work with your pain and figure out what you need to be worked on. I’m going to miss this place.

    - Enas K
  • I had therapy for stenosis and arthritis in my spine, It consists of mainly hands-on therapy and not machines. It has loosened my back and the pain is not as bad. If I need more additional therapy for my numerous arthritic joints, I will defiantly go back. The therapists here at EIM is very knowledgeable and skilled.

    - Sharon O
  • I have taken my elderly father for physical therapy at EIM. Gorget and Ishak have done wonders with my dad and his arthritis. they work one-on-one with their clients, and only have one set of a variety of equipment for the clients to use. No need for the client to share with others. They spend the whole session working with my dada through paces of his exercises, and they patiently encourage him to do the recommended exercises at home and to use his cane. And he listens to them too. I was shocked. He would never listen to me or any other clinician when told to do the same thing. The yoga mat is out at home and he is exercising. The physical therapists are very caring and they want the best for their clients. They can tell when my dad has been doing the exercises.
    he is much more flexible when he first showed for his evaluation. 

    We had previously checked out other physical therapy places and found that they look more like gyms, people left on machines to do their own thing. At EIM, there is one client per session and the physical therapists work one-on-one. If a client would like personal attention from a physical therapist. This is the place to go.

    kudos to EIM!

    Five stars. 

    - C. Gee
  • EIM Therapists were very knowledgeable, caring and personal.
    I am very pleased with my outcome.
    I wouldn't hesitate to use EIM again
    EIM Thank You

    - Mary R
  • EIM Physical Therapy was a very nice experience. Therapists here are very professional, friendly and help teach and push to your goals. Diffidently recommending EIM PT for anyone to suffer from hip pain.

    - Robert G
  • My doctor keeps referring me to physical therapy for my lower back pain and CTS that I suffer for a long time. I have tried so many places with no success. When I heard about EIM Physical Therapy and their manual therapy approach, I decided to give it a  shot. My experience with EIM Physical Therapy is not like any other experience. They are highly trained, professional and different. They are patient-centered and provide excellent care, I was shocked to see an immediate improvement in my pain, Thanks to my PT in EIM, Now I’m back to my normal life with pain-free and finally able to enjoy my grandkids again. I highly recommend EIM PT for anyone looking for true pain relief. 

    - Badea B
  • Ishak is a healing magician! Unlike all the other physical therapy clinics who treat you like an assembly line - manual, exercise, hot pack, estim, exit- Ishak uses a truly hands-on approach to fix your symptoms and your problem. I 100% recommend EIM!!

    - Mick
  • Ishak is a miracle worker.  Highly recommend his treatment. Much more personalized than the mainstream Physical therapy offices. What a great place and a great therapist. Will never go anywhere else for physical therapy. 

    - Adam S.
  • Isaac is very professional. He did a wonderful job for me, in one week there was a huge difference in my neck. I am still going to work on my back. I am sure he will be as good as he was with my neck. They provide one-on-one physical therapy, and they have a flexible schedule with early, late.

    - Thabet D
  • Thank you very much for stepping above and beyond to rehab me back to 100 %. I believe you are the main reason I fully recovered! 

    - Brain M
  • I have just finished my two weeks of therapy at EIM Physical Therapy. My two therapists here at EIM (Isaac and Gorget) were a delight to work with both were extremely helpful and encouraging every step of my way. My vertigo has gone away, and they taught me a home exercise to do. You will be lucky to have them as your therapists and I’m glad that I came here for my therapy.

    - Nancy N
  • I had severed 10/10 LBP that I could not move. I visited my Dr and he prescribed Naproxen (500mg) and Ranitidine (150mg) twice a day. I came here to EIM Physical therapy and within 2 visits of working on my back, I was able to stop taking my pain medications and I was pain-free. My physical therapist "Gorget" here at EIM helped me a lot to get rid of the pain and strengthening my back by giving me various exercises within the session and sending me home with HEP. I highly recommend this place for anyone who suffers from back problems.

    - Kenneth L
  • I needed therapy right away. My physical therapist "Gorget" at EIM physical therapy eased my pain right away. She is excellent in her work. She eased my pain first and then made me much stronger. I have been in therapy before which was good but Gorget is excellent in her work. I highly recommend her for people that strain their bodies. I hope I never need it again, but if I do, I will go there first. 

    - Catherine V
  • EIM Physical Therapy has done wonders for my husband. He has a herniated C6/C7 disk causing 8/10 arm and back pain. He had tried the doctor prescribed steroids, Gabapentin, muscle relaxers, epidural steroid injections, which only provided minor relief. It wasn’t until he worked with Isaac at EIM, with his hands-on approach, that he began seeing drastic improvements. In as little as 1 week he felt the difference. After 3 weeks my husband is pain free, but continues to work with Isaac on strengthening to prevent future episodes. Thank you Isaac!

    - Racheal M
  • "I would highly recommend  EIM Physical Therapy. They are very knowledgeable in techniques of physical therapy and use a great variety of procedures tailored to the problem the patient is having. I especially enjoyed my physical therapist Gorget. She kept challenging me in just the right way so that I kept progressing. She also sent me home with exercises that I can keep progressing"

    - Sue Spencer
  • “I have the pleasure to meet some very fine and intellectual physical therapists here at EIM physical therapy. They are great advisors, know what they are doing and how they are doing it. They helped me to delay my back surgery if not permanent and I really felt relief. I  recommended these therapists here over and over again”

    - Martin Newman
  • “The progress that I have made here at EIM physical therapy has been steady. The encouragement and the enthusiasm that I receive here helped me concentrate and feel good about what we have accomplished. I definitely recommend EIM physical therapy to anyone who is looking for this type of service.”

    - Paul Johnson

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